Dolly Dearest – 1992

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dd3 dd8



dd1 dd9

Dolly Dearest almost drove me off the deep end into total insanity. A couple of years ago I had the flu and fell asleep on the couch with the Dolly dvd playing. My then 10 year old daughter came into the room and sat down and watched nearly the whole movie without me realizing it. That led to night terrors that lasted for literally a month. Every time my eyes closed she’d be standing there all panic stricken. I tell ya, weeks of sleep deprivation is scarier than anything in Dolly Dearest – but the movie probably scarred my daughter for life.

This one was pretty big budget as far as killer doll flicks go. It had a decent cast including Rip Torn and used great effects that looked about identical to Chucky. Who would win in that battle – Mayan demon doll Dolly or serial killer Chucky?

Above is the trailer and soundtrack – below the movie.



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